by Jim Rilko

Bilateral drumming is the first step to sounding like two, three or even four drummers playing at one time.  Steve Gadd, Bill Bruford and Chester Thompson are just some of the many drummers who, at times, approach the drum set from this angle.

In this tutorial, we will separate your left from your right by playing melodies with your left side and rhythms with your right and vice versa.

In chapter 1, we display eighteen beats and four pages of reading charts, including quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note patterns, and triplet patterns.  Choose one of the eighteen beats and play it with either your left or right hand and play the charts with the other.

For example (play all circled notes on snare):


After you learn all of the sixteenth, quarter, and eighth note patterns with the eighteen rhythms, try playing the triplet patterns that are found at the end of the section against the eighth note and sixteenth notes rhythms, thus forming 2 against 3 and 3 against 4 ideas.

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