Companies That Really, Really Suck

Here is a list of companies with whom we've had very, VERY bad experiences.  These aren't merely mediocre, could-be-better firms, they're the kind of corporations that make you want to rip your hair out!

The cell-phone industry is particularly despicable.  It is thoroughly corrupt and dishonest to the core.  The cell phone industry operates on a business model of deception and a philosophy of take the customer for every penny.  No sucker deserves a fair break after all.  It's hard not to hope for a special reservation in hell for the managers of corporations like Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile.

The followings companies represent the very WORST in our experience as consumers:


Verizon Wireless (1st Cell-Phone Experience)

When you walked into a Verizon Wireless store did you get a weird feeling about the place and ask yourself questions like: "what's with the high-pressure salesmen?" or, oops, "what the hell is all this fine print?"  Well, if you did, we hope you attended those red flags because we had a horrible experience with that company! Merely calling Verizon Wireless a rip-off is too kind in our opinion.  In fact, we felt so wronged, had we more leisure time, we would have sued them. 

(Lack of time on the part of most folks is one reason despicable companies like Verizon Wireless get away with such bad service!  Who has the time, the patience or the resources to sue these days?)

We realize the whole cell phone industry is shady and most if not all of their competitors are pretty bad too, but Verizon Wireless seems to be a leader in that sad regard.  Look to the competition.  Verizon Wireless stinks.


T-Mobile: As Bad as Verizon Wireless  (2nd Cell-Phone Experience)

Sheesh!  Another terrible consumer experience.

Here's a tip for people new to cellular phones: whatever you do, do NOT opt for the year or, heaven forbid, two year contract.  Get pay as you go, even if it costs more.

Just think about it.  You give up your ability to fire them with such a contract.  They can give you the worst possible service, smother you with huge surprise charges and you can't do a damned thing!  Believe you me, that's a right you want to retain even if it costs more.


Virgin Mobile: Yep, They're Crooks Too (3rd Cell-Phone Experience)

Virgin Mobile lulls you into believing they're an honest company, but they most certainly are not. 

Virgin's web site is deliberately set up to confuse and ultimately rob the customer.  Like Verizon and T-Mobile, their advisors routinely lie to you.  Our most recent problem was a charge from a third party that we never authorized.  Not only were we being billed from a company identified only as 91097, but we were getting annoying horoscope messages sent to our phone.  Initially an advisor told me that he had cancelled and blocked the service permanently.  But a month later the charges started again.  Then another advisor told me they could not block the service, but said he would refund our money.  Of course, our money was not refunded.  After repeated calls I finally got a phone number for this third party.  That was an automated answering machine that did let me cancel the service that we never signed up for in the first place. We'll see if the cancellation sticks.

How dare a cell phone company bill for third parties without explicit written authorization?!  Obviously they make money in the transaction and Virgin Mobile is a dishonest company so that's the answer to that.

We hope to drop this horrible company too, but switching phone plans isn't easy and is costly.  Still we are yet again on the look out for a cell phone company that doesn't try to swindle you.  Please let us know if you have found one.

Though I tend to be libertarian, the cell-phone industry needs to be better regulated, especially since third parties can anonymously bill you via the phone company without written authorization!  How can consumers protect themselves from that?  We need the kind of protection congress has enacted for credit cards at a minimum.


Intuit: Man, I hate this company.

We're afraid to say much about our truly HORRIBLE experiences with Intuit.  They're kind of scary.

Suffice to say, stay away!  This is the worst of the very worst in our experience.

They market Quicken, Quick Books and Turbo Tax.  You'll use competing products if you're smart.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Avoid the Fast Drop Off or Risk Paying Big

These jerks blamed us for damage to a rental car that we did NOT cause and hounded us to pay a huge repair bill.  Read the fine print before you sign a contract with this company!  Better yet, find another rental place.