Companies That Rock

Here is a list of companies with whom we've had GREAT experiences.  These are firms that have, at least for us, gone beyond ordinary good-business practices and provided extraordinary customer service and value.


You'll hear a lot of negative talk about Mackie from some audio engineers.  I'm not sure what their gripe is.  Mackie isn't targeting them.  I suppose the quality of a Mackie product isn't going to compare to the really high-end pro audio stuff, but it also costs much, much less.  In fact, in terms of bang for the buck, it's hard to find a better deal than on new Mackie audio products.

Beyond their outstanding value, Mackie's customer service is awesome.  A few years back we blew a speaker in one of our HR824 monitors.  It was totally our fault.  Even so, Mackie took care of it.  Not only did they fix the speaker free of charge, they even paid the return shipping themselves! 

This is a great company.  We hope they never change and recommend them highly.

Avalon Design

Avalon's audio products are fantastic and so is their customer service.  I was having a slight problem with one of the volume pods on my preamp and sent it back for repair.  To my amazement, they priority shipped back a brand spankin' new unit!  Now THAT is taking care of your customers.  We love this company!