About Cult V

(Pronounced Kult Vee)

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The founders of Cult V are sincerely dedicated to ever increasing the servitude of our members.

Since one cannot properly appreciate the sublimity of the Cult V way unless and until one has mastered the world, we encourage prospective members to achieve as much worldy prosperity as possible before joining Cult V. Only when one has much to give does the sacrifice of one's material gifts yield great spiritual gain.

Our goal is not merely to assist our members in that noble transition from sinful wealth to auspicious poverty. We also pledge to relieve all adherents of the terrible temptation and burden of self determination.

Never a day shall we, the elders, rest until each and every Cult V member lies penniless in the filthy gutter of some urban thoroughfare and is happy to be there. Thus is our noble cause.

Join us.