Cult V Rules

  1. Every member must understand the full meaning, significance and implication of the name Cult V.
  2. No member or elder shall reveal, discuss or utter the meaning, significance or implication of the name Cult V under any circumstances.
  3. All members will be exceedingly polite at all times and under all circumstances.
  4. No member may be stupid at any time.

Cult V Suggestions

  1. Begin all formal correspondences with the phase "I may be a steaming-stinking pile of vomit but."
  2. Begin important informal correspondences with the acronym "IMBASSPOVB."
  3. Make the 732nd character of your next novel the letter "B."
  4. Wear seventeenth-century fashions when entertaining or being entertained.
  5. Always carry a red pen.
  6. Keep track of your asparagus habits.