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Guitarists of the Internet

This page features the recordings of online guitarists and participants in the Usenet groups and  See submission guidelines and rules if you'd like to submit audio clips to this page. For copyright information on each clip, contact the person listed under Guitarist Info.  We list guitarists alphabetically by last name.

Broken hyperlinks will automatically be removed without notice.  That is the only reason a reference is ever removed from this page.  If you've moved your site or your link is removed inadvertently, e-mail me.

Guitarist Info

Audio Clips

Philadelphia, PA
CharlieX Web Site
Delonas, Nick
Northern NJ

Nick's Web Page

Durfor, Chuck
Rockville, MD
Jon Fox
Waco, TX
McDonald, Chip
Augusta, Georgia
Drizzle on Blue Ridge ParkwayRAChip McDonaldfusionThis tape was lying on the floor so it was convenient, but buyer beware.  Found myself at a gig, made up some changes, "Go!"... Bass: Chris Hardy; drums: Nick "Automatic" Autorina
10:58 at the Highlander"""
Moore, Clay
Austin, Texas
Clay Moore's Web Page
Scott, Rob

LA Strut

Stadig, Dave
Milford, MA

Dave's Web Page

Zucker, Jack
Cleveland, OH
Jack's Jazz Guitar Page

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