Submission Guidelines and Agreement

We prefer links to audio files. Our hope is that this page will be a starting point for people interested in hearing the playing of guitarists who participate in guitar-oriented Usenet groups such as

While we are able to store a few audio files here, space is limited. We encourage everyone to take advantage of free web space offered at places like and then provide link information that we can post here. If you do not have any links online, e-mail me and we can discuss getting some short clips of your playing up here using my server space.

Every submission, whether a link or audio file, must include the following information:

1. Your real name
2. Location (city, state or city, country)
3. E-mail address (an address to your own web site is optional)
4. Name of each song
5. Names of all songwriters
6. The musical style of the song

You can also include a short description (up to 25 words). This description can detail the performers or say anything you like about the recording. It can also include links to other pages, such as lyric pages. You should definitely indicate if any of the featured guitarists are not you. The assumption is that each clip features the guitar work of the named guitarist.

Each submitter agrees that he or she is not violating any copyright laws with the submitted audio clips or links and that he or she either holds the copyright or has permission to post the audio clip. Cult V bears no responsibility for violation of such copyright laws and will immediately remove any audio links shown to be in violation of such laws. The acceptance of submissions is at the sole discretion of Cult V Productions.

We are unable to verify the authenticity of the submitted clips and must trust that each submitter has provided accurate information. Should we discover any proof of misrepresentation, we will immediately remove the clips from our site.

If you have any questions, e-mail me.


Nick Delonas